In earlier times yarn was a product that was procured locally by most people. It was hand dyed, and so it had very nice quality and was unique too. However, with time a lot of things changed and the way of knitting for the knitters too changed. They started using branded yarns, for instance, the Shibui yarn that is dyed chemically, and the quality of the yarn is just unmatched.
Now one can see knits of diverse kinds that are beautiful and unique. If you enjoy knitting and are looking for some options, then you are spoilt for choice. For instance, to get a unique quality Shibui yarn, you do not have to visit the craft fairs or the knitting workshops, or you don’t even have to join any specialist groups.

Several yarn manufacturers and suppliers keep a stock of all the unique and unusual yarns. You can even have a look at them online and buy as per your choice.The thread is known to be the fundamental component from which you can create any fabric. A lot of fabrics may look different from each other, but the reality is that they only differ in the spinning and creation of the yarn.

Several technologies are used to spin the yarn and out of them the “Ring Spun Method” is one of the most prevalent ones. In this method to add the value and effect of color, the fabric is dyed. Also, the Shibui yarn is produced by dyeing them in several shades and then spinning them in the desired amount.

The Shibui yarn manufactured from various kinds of materials like wool, polyester, cotton, etc. Cotton is the most widely used. The yarn manufacturers produce cotton dyed yarns to address the particular needs of the clients.Cotton in the Shibui knits combined with other man made fabrics like polyester, acrylic, and viscose adds up to the shine and the strength of the material.
Dyed yarn is a product without which it is not possible to have such huge variety of clothes. If you are looking for the thread with the best quality, then Shibu yarn can assure you the highest and the best quality of threads.

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