When you get started as a knitter is quite challenging for you are not familiar with the knitting tools that you will require.Beginners in knitting are advised to buy the essential tools at first to avoid stocking tools that you do not require.

Knitting tools include:

Sewing needles
There is a variety of them, and they come in different sizes and different colors. Depending on your project you can have as many as you can afford.

They are basically used in cutting. You can buy a simple pair of scissors or a crafting scissors.

They depend on the project you are undertaking thus you need to consider the weight of the yarn you require, the cost, a novelty yarn or a basic yarn. After answering these queries you can go for the one that fits your needs.

They also come in different shapes and sizes depending on how you want to use them

Crotchet hooks
They are mostly used in mending the sweaters, and they come in different sizes. Winding up, these are some knitting tools and their functions.

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