Crafting is a method of turning simple materials into weapons or tools. There are nine diverse crafting disciplines. Only two subjects can be active on each character, and an addition of two more to make a total of four characters. Crafted items usually appear different, but have similar information to pieces of the same level and value obtained through other ways for example from loots or vendors.

To learn the art of crafting you should talk to the masters’ craftsman. The master craftsman usually answers questions and also sells materials for their craft.

Five disciplines of crafting

• Armorsmith– used by guardians’, soldiers, warriors, and revenants.

• Tailor-used for making light armor

• Leatherworker– used by engineers, adventurous and thieves.

• Jeweller– used for making earrings, rings, and amulets

• Weaponsmith– used for making shields and weapons

The crafting procedure never flops. To craft a material, you must have the necessary tools in your catalogue. You can collect the crafting tools by looting, gathering or recovering other items.

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