Handmade yarn gift ideas

A beautiful gift does not always need to be expensive…or bought, for that matter. Handmade gifts are always creative, cute and heartwarming. Most of the time you can find the needed materials in your own house. Almost all of us keep some leftover Madeline Tosh Yarn at home, for one reason or another…so why not use it?

Here are some ideas for how to be creative with yarn and create awesome and cool gifts for your friends, or even yourself.

1. Jewelry

You can make necklaces and bracelets out of yarn. They are comfortable and soft, their simplicity goes perfectly with your casual outfit, but can make a minimalistic style look sophisticated. They can look equally pretty in one or multiple colors. The combinations are endless. You can make long necklaces that can be looped multiple times, or even chokers and decorate them with wooden beads or crystals.

2. Bottle or mug sweater

In a cold winter day, this little “useless” thing makes your mug or bottle look warm, cute and cozy. It probably won’t keep your drink warm, but it will give you a warm feeling for sure. Just imagine sitting on your window and watching the show falling down while drinking your hot cocoa from your big mug dressed in a pink sweater. CUTE!

3. Crochet picture frame

Using soft pastel colors for this one makes an adorable, but a sophisticated gift. Matching the colors of the yarn with the colors of the picture will show that extra effort you’ve put in making this gift. This is a perfect anniversary or a holiday present.

4. Crochet cell phone case

This one is decorative and useful at the same time. You can be creative with colors and patterns to no end. Just make sure you match the right model of smartphone, you want to make sure you have the right size to fit the phone.

5. Legwarmers for chairs

Sounds silly? It’s not! Besides looking extremely cute, this can actually prevent your floor from being scratched. Also, makes the chair legs less slippery. Have fun with colors and patterns and everyone will notice them in your kitchen. You can only receive compliments.

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