You may more or less know the DIY home decor design steps, but you may not exactly know the details. For the DIY home decor design steps, it can be mainly divided into 3 steps. Now let’s look at it together to enrich our decoration knowledge.

First of all, consider housing renovation feasibility and then make out a simple decoration layout. Before design, the designer should at first go to the site to have a knowledge of the house and then decide the feasibility of the house, such as demolishing of the wall in bathroom, the location of cabinet, the size of the bath tube, the place of the toilet and the location of the wash basin. Only according to these can they make out specific decoration designs.

After communicating with the designer about the design feasibility, the next point is to have a consideration of the design style. You could tell designer your own idea. For example, you want to add a bath tube in your home and tell him your likes and dislikes. If you don’t like black, please tell designer directly so he can avoid using this color. Only with a general idea can the designer give you some professional suggestions and decide the final design. Meanwhile, the designer will have a discussion with the homeowner about the details of decoration, not taking their ideas blindly. They will have a consideration about the characteristics of homeowner’s occupation, his requirements for housing, living habits and personal interest and then make out a comprehensive design plan. Therefore, maybe, the ideas provided by owners can just be used as a reference, but can not be achieved.

When the decoration style is decided, you have to make out a plan of the prices about each decoration part. For this part, we need to make plans according to our own economic strength. If we lack funds, we can’t always choose the best materials instead we should plan carefully. For some materials which are average in quality, you could choose common materials. If there is a need to highlight the characteristics of decoration, we have to turn to the high-grade one which is a good way to make full use of our decoration fee and at the same time highlights our decoration style.

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