A variety of methods are usually available on how to crochet. The method used will usually be established by the item that you are going to crochet.

That said, apart from the materials, you will just need a little patience, persistence, and practice. The pattern that you have purchased, which I hope at this stage is an easy one, will provide you with all the instructions and details that you will need to complete your project.

Now, you have your pattern (beginners), you’re holding the hook and yarn and you’re thinking ‘what do I do now’. It is important to remind you at this stage that you are in practice mode. Please, do not expect to master crocheting in an hour. Practice makes perfect. Just have a bit of patience and persistent and you’ll be amazed at your results and how quickly you can achieve them.

So to get you going on your way to learning how to crochet here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1. Tools – make sure you have everything you need ready to start your first creation. This might seem like a basic tip but think about it.. have you got the right hook? The yarn that you will need and the colors you want? Is the pattern an easy one? A pair of scissors? A row counter; this will help you enormously.

2. Ready? Hold the hook in your right hand and allow your forefingers to bend the hook of the loop. Then simply pull through the knot on the center of the hook.

3. Next, simply slide the loop of the hooked thread though making a slipknot on the crochet hook. Then repeat the process to create the chain of stitches you will need to create your item. The thickness of the chains should be made for the type of the item you’re working on.

4. The next step is to bring back the thread on the top of the loop making the thread to go around the hook so that it will be double stitched. You use your forefinger to grab the knot to tighten the chain stitches.

5. Here you may skip the first double stitched chain and carry onto the knot that isn;t hooked on the knot of the loop. Ensure that the chains don’t loosen or weaken. The strands should now be aligned with the other threads. It is important and better to have a tighter knot on the chains to make the item studier and more robust.

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